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Montreal Based Artist 

Paintings are available through:

Stewart Hall Art Rental, Pointe Claire, Quebec

Northern Daughters Gallery,

Vergennes, Vermont

Nest, Dedham, Massachusetts

Lakeshore Artists Association annual shows in Pointe Claire and Baie d’Urfe, Quebec

Painting, for me, is about shape and pattern and color.  Reality is where I start, but more and more it becomes a jumping off point to somewhere else – to a paring down of form, a heightening of color, an unexpected color combination. I like working within a theme, and often paint multiple versions of the same subject.  My favorite medium is pastel.  I love pastels for their luscious color, their immediacy, and their dual identity as a painting and drawing tool.


I also like printmaking, collage, and more recently, paper cutting.  These types of works on paper will be available in my Etsy Shop, called StraterPaper.

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